Aisin's power sliding door system is adopted for Toyota's "New Porte and Spade"

Aug. 9, 2012

News Release

The power sliding door system developed by Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aichi, President: Fumio Fujimori) was adopted for Toyota Motor Corporation's "New Porte and Spade."

The power sliding door system broadens the cabin space using a built-in driving unit in the sliding door. This is one of our company's representative products with a world's No.1 share. The type of power sliding door system adopted for the "New Porte and Spade" was made smaller and lighter by eliminating and consolidating components such as an opening and closing unit and half-shut prevention device located inside the door.

Since the power sliding door system creates a bigger opening and makes it easy to open and close the door in addition to convenient boarding and exiting in a narrow space, it has been adopted for many types of cars from minicars/compact cars to minivans and station wagons in Japan. Our company will actively work on the development of power sliding doors to meet the needs of our customers not only in Japan but also in other countries including China.


<Features of the power sliding door system>
- Improves convenience by remote-controlled automatic opening and closing.
- Contributes flexibility of cabin space design by incorporating the driving unit in the door.
- Ensures safety against finger pinching by detecting when the door is opening/closing.

Toyota Motor Corporation's new "Porte"