Aisin exhibits its products at "19th ITS World Congress 2012" in Vienna

Oct. 11, 2012

News Release

"Aisin Group's booth (Conceptual view)"

 Companies of the Aisin Group, consisting of Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aich; President: Fumio Fujimori), Aisin AW Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Anjo City, Aichi; President: Mutsumi Kawamoto) and 3 other companies*1, will jointly exhibit their products at the "19th ITS World Congress 2012" to be held from October 22 (Monday) to 26 (Friday) in Vienna, Austria.

 This time, the Aisin Group will introduce its latest technologies in the ITS (intelligent transport systems) area by using a demonstration car and videos, and presenting papers under the themes of 'technologies for notifying danger,' 'technologies for eliminating careless mistakes' and 'technologies for monitoring drivers themselves.'

 The Group will introduce the latest technologies, i.e., technologies for controlling the brakes and steering developed via the comprehensive capabilities of the Aisin Group, which adds a sensor that automatically slows down the car speed and pulls over to the side of the road when it detects any abnormality in the driver, technologies that always monitor the driver's breathing and heartbeat and a system that detects and warns of dangerous or drowsy driving by monitoring the driver's eyelid movement and face direction.

 The Group will also present its papers on such subjects as 'anti-rollback technology,' 'obstacle-avoidance brake' and 'easy-to-see color tone technology.'

*1) ADVICS, IMRA Europe, IMRA America


"Demonstration car" (Aisin Seiki)"


Other major exhibits/paper presentation
・Easy-to-see color tone technology (Paper presentation)
・Anti-rollback technology (Paper presentation)
・Obstacle-avoidance brake (Paper presentation)
・Touch-pad operating NAVI (Exhibit)
・Eco driving support technology (Exhibit), etc.