AISIN to participate in 2013 North American International Auto Show as a sponsor

Dec. 14, 2012

News Release

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aich; President: Fumio Fujimori) and Aisin World Corp. of America will sponsor the "Aisin Drive Green Experience*¹," an electric and hybrid vehicle test-drive course, at the North American International Auto Show (hereinafter referred to as the "Detroit Motor Show") from Monday, January 14 through Sunday, January 27, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. This is the first time AISIN has participated in the Detroit Motor Show.

The Detroit Motor Show, held in North America for the 25th year this year, is one of the world's most prominent international automotive industry shows. Each time it brings together automakers from around the world and attracts an enormous number of visitors.

Aisin Drive Green Experience is a course specially set up for test driving electric and hybrid vehicles, which the world's automakers are currently rushing to develop and market. As a sponsor, AISIN is helping to bring more excitement to the event, as well as presenting global audiences with Japan's safe and environmentally friendly technology such as the Intelligent Transport System Demonstration Car (hereinafter referred to as the ITS Demo Car)*² and the 2000GT Solar Electric Vehicle*³.

"The ITS Demo Car made a smash
(photo shows the car at the 2012 ITS World Congress in Vienna)"

 *1: Aisin Drive Green Experience is a special project allowing users to test-drive and experience the vehicles that will help to mitigate the burden on the earth's environment. The name "Aisin Drive Green Experience" reflects our desire to give users a hands-on encounter with the environment.
*2: The ITS Demo Car is a demonstration vehicle that provides hands-on experience with safety technologies developed by the AISIN Group. These include a sensor that detects sleepy or sick drivers and sounds alarms or provides driving assistance.
*3: The 2000GT Solar Electric Vehicle is equipped with AISIN Group brakes and solar panels.