Sales of residential-use fuel cell cogeneration system to commence in Chubu region

Dec. 26, 2012

News Release

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aich; President: Fumio Fujimori) will begin selling the "ENE-FARM Type S" residential-use fuel cell cogeneration system through Toho Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Toho Gas") on January 21, 2013.

ENE-FARM is a residential-use gas cogeneration system that triggers a chemical reaction with hydrogen extracted from municipal gas supply and oxygen from the air to generate electricity, which is used for household applications while the heat generated during the process is used for purposes such as heating water. Aisin Seiki's product is of the SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell) type, and the ENE-FARM system boasts one of the world highest levels of power generation efficiency, at 46.5 %, and total efficiency of 90.0 %.

The system went on sale in April 2012 through Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. and was available only in the Kansai region, but now through an agreement with Toho Gas, it will be provided to customers in the Chubu region as well.

Moving forward, Aisin Seiki intends to continue providing products that realize a comfortable lifestyle through eco-friendly renewable energy, including the ENE-FARM Type S and the COREMO gas engine cogeneration system (sold through Hokkaido Gas, Co., Ltd. since May, 2011).

"ENE-FARM Type S" residential-use fuel cell cogeneration system