Aisin Seiki Commences Operation of South Building at Nishio Die-Casting Plant

Aug. 7, 2017

News Release

Aisin Seiki held a completion ceremony on August 7 for the south building of the Nishio Die-Casting Plant, where it started to build an extension last year, and has commenced operations there. All seven production lines will be operational by March 2018.

The Aisin Group has added a building to increase production capacity on the premises of the Nishio Die-Casting Plant, which produces die-cast aluminum components such as transmission cases for automatic transmissions, so as to meet increasing production demand for automatic transmissions.

The newly added south building is a state-of-the-art plant with maximum consideration given to worker safety and the environment, as well as improved production capacity and high product quality, under the concept of "achieving a world-leading die-casting plant through technological and human innovation."

In terms of quality and production, the main work flows are lined up in the center of the plant with die-casting equipment arranged on the both sides, aiming for ease of management with fewer personnel. With regard to safety, disaster risks are minimized by separating the melting and production areas and securing the material flow area.
In the process of transferring molten aluminum to die-cast equipment, direct chutes from melting furnaces to die-casting equipment have enabled automatic conveyance of molten aluminum as well as drastic reduction of safety risk, while contributing to improvement of molten aluminum quality.
From the perspective of the working environment, the building is designed so that the die-casting workplace, which turns hot in operation, is well-ventilated through construction of underground passages and open ceiling spaces. In addition, the workplace is brighter and more pleasant thanks to more lighting and white interiors.

Going forward, the Aisin Group intends to continue producing superior products in an optimal environment and maximize competitiveness.

1. Facility name: Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. Nishio Die-Casting Plant (Nishio district, south building)
2. Location: 80 Kowari, Minaminakane-cho, Nishio, Aichi, 445-0801 Japan
3. Building area: 115,000 m2
4. Start of production: August 2017
5. Products: Transmission cases for automatic transmissions

*Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd., Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd., Aisin AW Co., Ltd, Aisin AI Co., Ltd., ADVICS Co., Ltd