Oct. 19, 2017

News Release

Three Aisin Group companies* including Aisin Seiki will exhibit products and technologies at ITS World Congress 2017 (Le Palais des Congrès de Montréal) in Montreal, Canada from October 29 (Sun.) to November 2 (Thu.), 2017.

The concept of this exhibition will be "fulfill the dream of the future mobility life," and we will present technologies that bring happiness in three ways: "Smartly connecting you and your community," "Enhance your mobility experience," and "Maintain alertness, ensure your safety."

In the exhibition booth, we will show a video introducing "Hospitality services" features that deliver a safe, smooth and comfortable ride from your home to your destination, and will present a demonstration of the personal mobility device "ILY-Ai", which meets diverse user needs by switching among multiple modes.

In addition, we will demonstrate "Automated Valet Parking" technology using an actual vehicle. "Automated Valet Parking" is a technology that automatically moves the vehicle into and out of a parking space, following instructions from a user outside the vehicle via smartphone. It not only assists users who have poor parking skills, but also makes it possible to get into and out of even narrow spaces where it is difficult to park and then get out of the vehicle or back into it. In this demonstration, simulating parking at the shopping mall, the user gets out at the entrance of the parking lot, gives parking instructions using a smartphone, and the car automatically parks itself. And when it is time to go home, the car automatically gets out of the space and picks up the user at a waiting area.

Moving forward, the Aisin Group will continue develop technologies that meet the diversifying needs of the market, and offer products and systems that fulfill people's expectations.

*Aisin Seiki, Aisin AW, ADVICS

<Research papers presented>
・ "Parking Space Detection with Motion Stereo Camera applying Viterbi algorithm" (Aisin Seiki)
・ "A Basic Study of a Driver's Gaze Area Detection System" (Aisin Seiki)
・ "Development of Personal Mobility Overturning Avoidance System utilizing Physics Simulation" (Aisin Seiki)
・ "Advanced Predictive technology, analyze Stop/deceleration positions for Predictive Efficient Drive" (Aisin AW)
・ "A Winning Strategy to Park" (Aisin AW)
・ "Direct Yaw Moment Control That Can Turn a Vehicle even on an Icy Road" (ADVICS)