New Lexus LS equipped with two newly developed Aisin products

Oct. 23, 2017

News Release

The new Lexus LS, released on October 19, is equipped with two newly developed Aisin products.
The newly developed products installed in the new model are as follows:


Rapid Vehicle Height Adjustment Air Suspension System (Driving Safety field)

This product is a newly developed air suspension system that enables realization of both the LS vehicle concept of "a low center of gravity design that supports vehicle movement" and ease of getting into and out of the car.

The system adjusts the height of the vehicle when people get in and out, an example of Aisin "hospitality services" that offer users comfort and a pleasant experience. In this new version, it takes less time to elevate the vehicle.

By employing a "closed system" equipped with a high pressure tank, it became possible to input greater air flow into the air springs, shortening the time required to raise and lower the car height to about 1/20 that of a conventional product.

It also ensures durability over long periods of repeated operation, and reduces operating noise during height adjustment.

In addition, the shape and placement of the system as a whole has been optimized so it can be installed efficiently in a limited space.


Pneumatic Seat System (Vehicle Body field)

This product is a seat system with refreshing features as well as seated posture support / adjustment features that utilize the power of air.

The seated posture support / adjustment features include not only mechanical adjustment systems such as reclining, sliding, and lowering/raising or front/back movement of the headrest, but also pneumatic-powered adjustment of lumbar, shoulders and other parts. The combination of these achieves 28-way movement*, the world's greatest number of support/adjustment movements. By incorporating these seat support / adjustment features into the seat, we offer all the support and posture maintenance users hope for, contributing to the improvement of comfort.

As a further refreshment function, we have designing pneumatically inflating bladder components that inflates with air, optimizing their position and welding conditions so as to achieve better therapeutic pressing performance with compact size, light weight, and minimal operating noise.

Going forward, the Aisin Group will continue research and development of products technologies that fulfill people's expectations and enrich their lifestyles.


*Means of counting "ways": One front-back movement = 2 ways, one up-down movement = 2 ways