Products. In addition to supplying automotive parts, AISIN is currently expanding into business domains related to energy and lifestyles, with the ultimate goal of helping to create an affluent society.

  • Automotive Parts Lineup

    Introduction of AISIN's expansive automotive parts lineup including Drivetrain, Brake & Chassis to Body related products

  • Life & Amenity

    Introduction of Life & Amenity products for a more healthy and comfortable life, such as beds and sewing machines

  • Energy System

    Introduction of Energy System products for resource savings and high efficiency

  • New Business

    Introduction of New Business such as fiber laser and biological fields

  • Mainstay Products for the Major Group Companies

    Introducing the mainstay products from the six major companies within the AISIN Group

  • Product Mechanism (Video)

    A technical explanatory video on Aisin Group products is available.