New Toyota Camry Incorporates a Variety of Aisin Group Products

Jul. 14, 2017

News Release

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. and the Aisin Group are pleased to announce that a lineup of our latest products has been installed in the New Camry, released by Toyota Motor Corporation on July 10, 2017.

In the power train field, three new products have been installed. The Continuously Variable Discharge Oil Pump, supplying the optimum amount of oil according to engine conditions, and thus contributing to improvement of fuel efficiency, is the world's first employing an internal gear system. Adoption of our own originally design has enabled a simple and compact structure, making the product smaller by 25% and lighter by 33% than the previous version of the same model. In addition, carefully controlling the amount of oil discharge according to engine conditions makes it possible to supply the minimum amount of oil and oil pressure, reducing oil pump workload by 63%.

The Electric Water Pump, which contributes to improvement of fuel efficiency by optimizing engine cooling and reducing engine load, has been reduced by 39% in size and 36% in weight compared to the previous version of the same model by altering the shape and arrangement of motor magnets. Reduction in size and weight and overhaul of basic design, as well as heightening efficiency, enables installation not only in hybrid engines but also in gasoline engines.

Furthermore, 2-Motor FWD Hybrid Transmission, jointly developed with Toyota, has had its layout drastically changed to achieve compact size and fuel efficiency. (The product is being manufactured by Toyota.)

In the chassis and vehicle safety system field, two new products have been installed. The newly developed Front Disk Brake offers improved brake feeling through stabilization of piston locomotion in calipers. Drastic improvement of cooling performance by redesigning the shapes of disk rotor fins and modifying the shapes of calipers has led to a 6% reduction in weight compared to the previous model.

The next-generation Caliper Combined Electric Parking Brake, with a 5% reduction in operating noise compared to the previous model through incorporation of our original gear shaft-holding structure, achieves world-leading silent performance.

Also, in the power train field, in addition to the above five products, New Camry for North America, launched in June, is equipped with the 8-Speed FWD Automatic Transmission, which boasts the world-highest transmission efficiency, jointly developed with Toyota. In the information technology field, the vehicle incorporates our newly developed product, Dynamic Navigation, which can guide drivers to destinations more smoothly and punctually.

Aisin Group will continue to work together on research and development to meet the expectations of users and offer products and technologies that enrich people's lives.